The original condition for use of property included leaving the Market sign. I am fairly certain that by having that sign the business at Ciccio is not diminished.

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This change appears to be underhanded and unknown and masked as a change to municipal ordinance to avoid any real public dicussion! I want it reversed!

These trees are dying for water. Literally. Please don't let this happen to these great trees.

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Gordon Vigna almost 4 years ago

We would like for the town to consider the idea of incorporating a Par Course to the walking trails throughout our town. With the gym closed, this would be a great way to be able to utilize the walking trails to include additional fitness benefits.

Wouldn't it be a great additional draw to have free wifi available throughout town? As a tourist destination, the more we can offer people to come and stay and spend their vacation dollars here, the better it is. It would put us at the forefront of the ever increasing mobile society.

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Jim Mc Donald almost 4 years ago

I don't know about liability, but what about a small mat in a corner of the community with a stand of free weights. One or two people could stretch and/or use weights.

Cynthia Kapjian, Assistant to the Chief Bottle Washer almost 4 years ago

I submitted this the other day- but I don't see it...My idea is to ask the local hotels or the Veterans Home if they would open their gyms to the town residents.