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Yountville will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary of incorporation on February 4, 2015. We have been working on a YEAR LONG calendar of events and projects in celebration and want you to get involved!

Are you a present or past resident of Yountville? Do you have a special connection to Yountville? We want to hear from you!

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As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration, you have a chance to win lunch for two at one of Yountville's local restaurants and your story will be archived in honor of the Town's 50th Anniversary Celebration.


Ranndy Pina over 3 years ago

I grew up in the valley, but have only lived in Yountville since 2003. My sons are both in their late 20’s now. When they were quite young, they were early risers. On the weekends, I would take them out early in the morning to give their mom a break. One of their favorite places to ride their tricycles and explore was the Vintage 1870 complex. The wooden ramps were a challenge to navigate on their trikes, and the parking lots were a safe place for them to learn to ride, when it was time for 2 wheelers. They especially liked the sound of running on the raised wooden walkway between the rail car shops. One early morning, we were on that walkway, and the boys were being boys, when I noticed an ice machine. I thought that was a bit odd, until I realized that the railcars no longer housed shops. They had been converted to house people. I felt like an idiot and hustled them out of there right away.

We continued to visit Yountville on the weekends. The boys would ride their bikes and watch the hot air balloons take off, be we never visited the railcars again. My (belated) apologies to those visiting folks that we must have disturbed.


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