Do you have an idea for the parade theme for Yountville Days? If so, then please share it! The ideas with the most interest will be looked at by the planning committee for the final decision. If interested in working on the planning committee, please contact Samantha at 944-8712 or We will be taking your ideas until August 15, 2015. Happy sharing!

Honor some of the original businesses in Yountville 50 years ago. Tonascia's Market, the Two Spot, Kozy Korner, Cash and Carry, the Whistle Stop, the Diner, the original Vintage 1870, the Magnolia Inn. As someone told me recently, Yountville used to have a dozen bars and now it has a dozen wine tasting rooms. It's kind of our heritage.

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Preya Nixon, Management Fellow admin about 3 years ago

Hi Devon, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your idea!